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About Me  ( In Brief)
The purpose of this site isn't just to share my music & pieces of life but also to hopefully join with you in something of a positive nature that may help some people in poverty, disability and hunger to have access to a better life.
I've been  performing & recording since the 1970s now with mostly self penned songs which draw from a wide spectrum of musical styles and subject matter. The music reflects my belief that there is definitely a better life for all of us. We are created to share this life and in fact do share this together more than we are presently aware.
"One  More  Step" was my first album and provided a wide opportunity to  perform  throughout the 80s after receiving good reviews. This was  followed by  "On & On" "Beautiful Grace" , "Imaginings" , "The River  That Flows",  "Perspective", "Time After Time" , " A Little Light  Music", & most  recently "First Fruit ".
I love guitar and so the main backbone of my songwriting and recording always starts with my guitar. Thoughts then hover until they find words ,  and finally .... my voice joins in. ( My guitars aren't far away when a song comes looking for me ! )
Music has to be one of the best God given gifts there is in my opinion. We get to enjoy and participate in this together.
(Very much like the Giver) It just seems to be one of those magical things that leaps across all kinds of barriers and brings people together and through things in ways that really work so well.  A language everyone understands.
So these songs themselves are a good part of my life. My beliefs & feelings are pretty transparent in song.
Points of view and expression are always growing, not to mention my musical roots also.
These roots have been growing for quite some time now..... but still have so much more life in them.
I'd like to invite you to listen to some music and feel free to respond. The smallest thing can do something that makes someone else's life a bit brighter. Just click on the "Menu"  at the top of this page and select " Listening Library" or one of the album pages to listen. Thanks for being here, I hope you enjoy what you find enough to make you feel  like wanting to tell someone else to drop by here too.
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