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  Posted on September 18, 2013 at 6:45 PM  
Some  friends with good hearts, heads & hands saw the plight of underprivileged children in Bali & had a vision of what could be done to help at least some of them.They put their hands, finances, time & talents together with local people and built a facility to help care for children who had otherwise very poor chances of anything good ever coming into their lives. I think that is an amazing thing they have done and are doing .This shows a  face of God that many there had rarely ever seen and given hope to some who's prospects were quite hopeless. There is a link you can follow on  the "Links" page  of this site so that you can appreciate something of what is being done there by ordinary people who are achieving extraordinary things. I wanted to be able to contribute in some way to this on going work and so "First Fruit" came as a first thought and a way to do some small thing of help. You can listen to the songs on the  "First Fruit" page and if you would like it in it's entirety you can visit the "Downloads" page and go through the steps to  obtaining the  album. If you just wanted to gift something toward the  work of "Bali  Life" you can do that anyway by following the link to their  site. Thankyou for stopping here in any case to read this and I truly hope you are encouraged.
"First Fruit " is a  collection of 14 songs which for the most part have been written  and  left in a developing state since that point.They are not about perfection or slick production but about being as close as possible to the creating process that first brought them to me. So with that in mind, and much like picking a new season piece of fruit straight off the  tree, they have taken shape over a season in time.
 I've continued writing other  tunes but this seemed a sweet selection  to present to you from a branch near the middle of the tree. There are  hundreds of other pieces of fruit left  on that tree remaining &  still others developing , so rather than let them get too far away from my heart or fall on the ground I've  given the music presented here a  priority. What you hear is what I recorded as first thoughts and whatever I heard as mistakes or something which could've been better now feel just about right . I'm hoping you can hear what I'm talking about at the heart of each song and they can add something good to your musical diet as you digest them. For a small price you can help some people in real need. By the way all proceeds go direct to the  orphanage and not to me.   
All the best.
Love  Jon
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